Mask update 6/27/2020: In compliance with current Sierra Vista mandates to wear masks in public I will be wearing a mask, and ask that you also wear a mask until you are seated in the back counseling room.  At that point we can both remove the masks for the counseling session as we can maintain the required 6 feet distance.  Masks will be put back on to transition out of the room.  Thank you for your compliance with this.  

I do offer counseling over Skype or Face Time and recommend that if at all possible you set up to do it that way.  Please contact me and we can facilitate that. The payment for that can be made on-line though PayPal or you can mail me a check.

I want to assure you that as always we sanitize the office regularly.  In compliance with CDC recommendations, I will not be shaking your hand, or have the candy jar, toys or magazines out.   

I would ask (as always) that if you are sick that you do not come to your appointment.  As an added precaution, if anyone in your household is sick please cancel your appointment.  I understand that you may be fine the day before and wake up the morning of your appointment sick.  I will not charge you for a missed appointment in that case.  Please call, text, or email, as soon as you know that you are sick. If you are sick a day or two before your appointment please cancel at that time, do not assume you will be well the following day.  

Rest assured that God is still in control.  We do not need to fear this virus, but do want to be wise in protecting ourselves and others from its undue spread.  So wash your hands (a lot) and follow the other CDC and local government suggestions for keeping yourself healthy.