Christian Counseling

As a Clinical Christian Counselor, I will listen and seek to understand your feelings and needs.  I will help give Biblical perspective on issuChristian Counselinges and offer suggestions for ways of dealing with them.  I will help you develop new skills for living a healthy life.

Any good counselor will require your commitment and dedication to the process of getting healthy.  However counseling is not an end in itself; it is a process of growth and change.  This process can be painful and difficult, as it is often hard to face the truth and change your old habits.  Counseling can be a powerful agent of change for the better when coupled with honesty, courage and sincere desire to get healthy.

God is a vitally important part of the counseling process.  Without Him, nothing lasting will be accomplished.  The Bible is the first and final authority for discovering what God has to say about various situations.

As a Christian counselor, I will use Scripture and prayer as well as conventional means of counseling.  The goal is to find God’s will for you and your circumstances.  I will seek to help you discover His will for your life and give you the tools needed to live it out.